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Biological Engineering

ASTM International: (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials)

Other ASTM Publications include:

Symposia and STPs: Over 29,000 peer-reviewed papers. .All symposia papers are published in book format (known as STPs or Selected Technical Papers). You can download individual papers from any book or simply download the entire book itself.

Manuals, Monographs, and Data Series: Manuals provide practical, hands-on application information.  Monographs offer advanced and highly technical information from highly-regarded experts in their respective fields. The ASTM Data Series cover specific applications, contain compiled data, and usually include explanatory text.

Journals: All journal papers are peer reviewed. Access to the complete run of each journal is included in our subscription.

Technical Reports: Provide data, recommendations, and conclusions stemming from the research of ASTM technical committees. You’ll gain insights on the current state, challenges, and processes surrounding this research.

FAO/WHO: Food and Agriculture Organization / World Health Organization

GSC: Genomic Standards Consortium

WHO: World Health Organization

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)