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Exhibits provide a unique opportunity for Wentworth students, faculty and staff to publicly celebrate their project work, art and scholarship, while engaging with the Library on collaborative projects.  

Exhibits are primarily held to promote the work of the Wentworth community and the educational activities of campus organizations. They also contribute to the discussion of important issues or events by the campus community. 

This policy defines the philosophy and goals for exhibits and public art displays throughout the Library, identifies responsibility for these programs, and describes acceptance guidelines and general policies. 


The primary exhibit goal is to further the Institute’s educational mission by publicly displaying and celebrating the creativity and intellectual accomplishments of the Wentworth community. Other intentions are to: 

  • Promote the role of the Library, its collections, resources, services, and staff as central to the teaching and research programs of the Institute 

  • Highlight specific Library services or collections 

  • Educate the university community on important issues or events 

  • Encourage individuals to contribute to intellectual dialogue on campus and beyond 

  • Support institute activities, events, programs, and symposia 

  • Recognize library supporters, friends, and donors 

Exhibit Lengths

Exhibits will vary in length, but most exhibits run for 2-3 months; shorter exhibit times are also possible. Exhibits should have specific start and end dates, although the end date may be extended if the schedule allows. 

students gathered around an exhibit

“Operation Negus,” presented by Crowns in 2022 at the Guarraccino Exhibit Space