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Library Spaces

Library Sound Zones

Speaker symbol with green stripes and full volume lines Collab (C) Zone

 Collab Zone is best for group work, collaboration, and socialization. Phone calls or virtual meetings should be taken in a Study Room. Noise levels are expected to remain at a respectful volume. Collab Zone includes the Main Level, Study Rooms, and the Program Room.



Speaker symbol with yellow polka dots at partial volume Quiet (Q) Zone

 Quiet Zone is best for quiet study, independent work, or small group work. Conversations are expected to be kept at a low volume. No phone calls and other meetings. Quiet Zone includes most of the Mezzanine Level.



Speaker symbol with coral zig zags at mute Silent (S) Zone

  Silent Zone is best for silent and independent study. No cell phone conversations, virtual meetings, or audible music/headphone noise. Minimal to no noise is expected. Silent Zone includes the Reading Room and behind the Book Stacks on the Mezzanine Level.


Main Level map with collaborative zones markedMezzanine level map with quiet zones, collaborative zones, and silent zones marked












*Please note: you will be asked to relocate zones or leave the library if you are not respectful.