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Library Spaces: Reserve a Study Room

Reservable Study Rooms

Where are the study rooms?

  • 5 located on the Main level
  • 3 located on the Mezzanine level

​What's in the study rooms?

  • Conference table and seating for six
  • 70" display screen with connections for PC and Mac laptops
  • Wireless and wired network connections
  • Multiple power outlets

Study Room Policies and Guidelines

Policy language updated Spring 2022.

  • Study rooms may be reserved by WIT students, faculty, and staff only.
  • Each student may reserve study room space for up to two hours (consecutive or non-consecutive) per day.
  • Study rooms may be booked up to two weeks in advance.
  • For group reservations, each group member is allotted two hours of study room time. All participants must be invited to the booking as attendees, otherwise your booking is subject to cancellation.
  • Booking titles with inappropriate language, symbols, or characters are subject to cancellation by Library staff at any time.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late to your reservation, your reservation is considered void and the study room will be up for grabs until the next reservation.
  • If a study room is not booked, anyone may use the room until another reservation starts. We highly recommend reserving the room to ensure study space. Students with confirmed reservations will be guaranteed the room.
  • Study rooms may not be reserved for semester-long recurring bookings, such as for a class meeting place. If you are faculty and need to find classroom space for your course, please contact the Registrar.

Library staff reserve the right to cancel any reservations they deem to be in violation of these policies and guidelines.

Please be considerate of others:
  • Keep audio volume low
  • Leave some time to clean up and pack your belongings
  • Be prepared to vacate the room before the start of the next reservation
  • Cancel your booking if your plans change, to free up the room for others

If you have study room needs that fall outside of these policies and guidelines, please visit the Circulation Desk or email and we will work with you to try to find a solution.

Before you begin, make sure the time zone in your Outlook web app is set to (UTC-5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
How to change time zone settings in Outlook

Reserve a Study Room with Outlook 365

Log into using your Wentworth email address and password. This will open your email. Open your calendar by clicking the waffle icon in the top left…


…and then clicking Calendar.


Once your calendar is open, create a new meeting by clicking the New button in the top left of the screen.


Fill in the appropriate details for your booking. Invite additional guests using the People button on the right. Then click the Add Room button to the right of the Add Location field.


By default, this button pulls up the list of Wentworth’s conference rooms. Click the Choose a New Room List button at the very bottom of that list and then choose Library Group Study Rooms. This will display only the rooms available at the time of your appointment. Choose the desired room. To complete your booking, click the Send button in the top left.


Use the Scheduling Assistant feature for more advanced options.


You should receive an automated email confirming your reservation.

NOTE: If there’s a problem or conflict with the reservation you will receive a notification, but other invited guests will still see the reservation on their calendars. In this case we recommend canceling the meeting on your own calendar, which will remove it from other attendees' calendars as well. 

Check for Study Room Availability

You can check a study room availability from the Outlook web calendar for each room:

Group Study 01 (08-207)

Group Study 02 (08-208)

Group Study 03 (08-209) 

Group Study 04 (08-210) 

Group Study 05 (08-211)

Group Study 06 (08-M203)

Group Study 07 (08-M202)

Group Study 08 (08-M201)


Or, you check the room availability directly in Outlook 365 when making a reservation by clicking on Scheduling Assistant


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