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Informational Signage Policy

The use of the Library’s posting and informational spaces is subject to review by Library staff. The Library space may only be used for displays of Wentworth community information (such as club announcements, programming events, new graduate programs, research forums, etc.). Informational signage refers to any poster, handout, table tent, etc. 

Informational signage should be left with Library staff at the Library Services Desk, unless otherwise pre-approved. Immediate posting is not always possible. Items must be approved by a Library staff member. Any informational signage in the space will not be returned and will be removed after the event date has passed. 

The Library assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection, possible damage, or theft of any item posted. Informational signage that has been defaced will be removed by Library staff. The Library may limit the period any informational signage may remain on display due to space constraints. 

The Library reserves the right to provide space on a long-term basis for Library announcements. Some spaces in the Library are reserved for Library-related informational signage only. 

The Library reserves the right to remove or not to display any informational signage. 

Posters/Hanging Signage

All approved posters will be stamped. Posters posted without this approval will be removed.