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Fines & Fees

Users will receive auto-generated notices via email or mail as library items approach their due date, on the due date, and after 7 days overdue.

All overdue library materials will automatically accrue a $60 late fee (per item) at the 7-day overdue mark. Please note: certain items, such as technology, Interlibrary Loans, or rare books, will accrue an overdue fee equivalent to the replacement cost of the item.

Any associated overdue fees will be waived upon the return of the item in proper working order. As such, the user is responsible for the replacement cost of broken, damaged, or unusable materials.

Library staff reserve the right to contact users regarding overdue items at any time.

If the item remains overdue, the Library reserves the right to forward the user's information and associated overdue fees to the Student Accounts Office for payment collection. At this time, all payment must be completed through the Student Accounts Office. Additionally, a hold will be placed on the user's university account. This may impact class registration, transcript requests, and receipt of physical diploma. Users are still responsible for returning or replacing lost items after graduation or leaving the university. Questions about repayment or account holds can be directed to the Student Accounts Office at 617-989-5043 or to

As always, the return of the item in proper working order will waive all associated fees and holds.

Additional questions regarding user responsibility or fines & fees can be directed to the library staff at