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Thrive Guide: Tips for Thriving in Life after Wentworth

CO-OPS + CAREERS and Alumni

Congratulations from CO-OPS + CAREERS! You've worked hard to get here, and we know you are ready to start your career. The advising team has compiled resources in this section to help you succeed in your full-time job search and as an employee navigating your career. 

Wentworth alumni enjoy access to the full range of services provided by the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development free of charge for as long as you need us. We can offer you assistance as you look for new employment opportunities or graduate schools. Our services include:

  • Résumé and cover letter writing guidance
  • Job searching tools (including WITWorks!)
  • Networking opportunities and guidance
  • Using social networking effectively
  • Successful interviewing strategies
  • Appropriate methods of follow through
  • How to be successful once hired

We also can help you determine if and when graduate school may be appropriate, how to research a good graduate school fit, and how to apply.

To schedule an appointment with a Co-op + Career Advisor, please call us at 617-989-4101 or email

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