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MGMT 4000-02: Project Research


Contact a Librarian!

call: 617-989-4040


SWOT Examples

To find examples of Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats reports:

Click on the "Business & Company Resource Center" below.

Click on "Search now" under the "Company Search" section.

Click on the box "Only search companies with S.W.O.T. PDF"

Enter a company or description search.

Click on the "Download S.W.O.T." button at the top of your results.

Trade Associations & Government Information

Identify a trade or industry association related to your product idea. Associations conduct research on behalf of their members and make some of them available free of charge. Scour websites for free publications, or call the association directly and  speak to the librarian or  public relations if you have specific questions.


Try searching Google with the suffix PDF at the end of your search term and you will get different results including conference proceedings and reports.

Product Literature Suppliers/Catalogs