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MGMT 4000-02: Project Research

Schumann Library: Course Guide

Before You Begin

Read and evaluate the information you are getting from all your sources when you are developing your paper.

Keep in mind that you don't want to focus on one type of source and exclude others:

  • If you use only articles, you might miss out on some statistical data on a government web site or background information from a specialized encyclopedia.
  • If you use only web sites, you might miss out on more scholarly articles not published on the web, or miss a more in-depth treatment of your subject that you would get in a book.
  • If you use only books, you might miss getting current information from a recently published article.

The important thing is to keep a balance between different types of sources. Learn more about the different types below. Your topic might also require you to spend more time with a particular resource. For example, if you are researching current events, you will want to find recently published articles, or if there are no articles, you may want to focus on authoritative websites.

Types of Information