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Periodical Procedure and Ongoing Maintenance

How to Create a Check-In Record In Acquisitions

  1. Sign in to Voyager Acquisitions and click on the orders tab on the home screen. This should bring you to this screen.

2. Click on New purchase order at the top left. 

3.  Click on Add info and then iNput the:

  • Order number = acquisitions generated number
  • Type = continuation
  • Site = WIT Aca Desk
  • Vendor Code = witebsco

4. Then click Add line search and then select title search (cataloger creates bib ID in MARC).

5. Click on Detail line item, copies/funds, and then add funds. Enter:

  • Fund= wit serials
  • Ledger= Wentworth 2003/2011 

6.  Click type, subscription pattern, predictive pattern check in and then enter a predictive pattern for the periodical. If you do not know how often we will receive this periodical, that's okay, it just requires a pattern so the system knows to keep receiving the periodical. 

7. Click maintenance and then close pattern. Make sure you end the specific predictive pattern.