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Periodical Procedure and Ongoing Maintenance

Tagging Periodicals

One you have finished the Check-in Process, its time to tag everything! Take your periodicals to the back desk and bring out the roll of RFID tags. These are what will set off the gate if anyone tries to take periodicals out of the library. 

  1. Place RFID tag on the back page of the periodical. Make sure not to cover any important text or publishing information
  2. Bring Periodical over to the computer and open the 3M converter.
  3. Grab one of the barcodes that says "LOOSE PERIODICAL" and san the barcode. Then place the periodical on the 3M pad and wait for it to flash green.
  4. Once you have done this with all the periodicals, make sure you secure them through the 3M Pad Workstation app. While the initial tagging of periodicals does secure the item, its best to insure through this extra step.