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HUMN 4200: The Roman City Project

This guide will help direct you to resources for researching and creating your Roman city. Please note that this guide is not comprehensive; there are more resources out there that you may find and want to use in your research. Updated Spring 2020.

Assignment Information

Below, find the course documents (provided by your professor) that will provide the best information about the Roman Cities Project, including (but not limited to): requirements, due dates, instructions, grading, etc. 

Navigating this guide

This guide is organized into the following sections (which can be found on the left-hand navigation panel):

  • Roman Empire: General Resources - This section includes the following sub-pages: History & Geography, Infrastructure, Urban Planning, and Housing & Industry. Everyone can utilize these resources
  • Provinces - Visit the page for your province. There, you will find resources specific to your province. 
  • Scholarly Articles & eBooks - If you are looking for scholarly resources for your research, visit these resources. Everyone can utilize these resources
  • Image & Design Tools - Here you will find websites, databases, and data visualization tools for finding images and designing your city. Everyone can utilize these resources.
  • Citations - Information on MLA Citation Style and how to best cite your sources. Everyone can utilize these resources