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ENGR 5000: Senior Design for Biological Engineering

Semantic Scholar

Semantic Scholar offers many useful search features, with some not found in the Library catalog search engine:

  • Allows refinement of searching by Fields of Study, Date Range, Has PDF, Publication Type, Author, and Journals and Conferences. Users may also sort results by Relevance, Citation Count, Most Influential Papers, or Recency. 
  • Clicking on the name of an author will retrieve all of the papers by that author that are indexed in Semantic Scholar. The author's publication count, citations,  influential papers, and H-index are also noted.
  • The Influence link shows which researchers have most influenced a particular author and who, in return, have been most influenced by that author.
  • Each paper shows its citation count. Most influential papers are noted by a red light bulb icon.
  • Searchers may also save articles and set alerts for papers on a particular topic or by a specific author.
  • The Cite option will show a citation in BibTex, MLA, APA, and Chicago style formats. Citations may be exported using EndNote or BibTex.