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RAMP 2022

RefWorks: Managing Your Research & Citations

Why Cite?

  • It's required in the Institute's Academic Honesty and Conduct Policy
  • Your paper is great and everyone wants to learn more from your sources.
  • It is the right thing to do - everyone deserves credit for their work.

What to Cite


  • Direct quotes - always cite
  • Paraphrasing - yes, you need to cite
  • Summarizing - you guessed it, cite it!  

Citation Styles

Some (but not all) of the more frequently used citation styles in academic disciplines: 

General Wentworth Guidelines - Collaborative Work

Students may need to complete assignments in groups or as individuals during their studies at Wentworth. Assignment requirements vary considerably based on the course and work that is required. The syllabus and/or assignment from the instructor should clearly define the type of work you are expected to submit whether it is an individual or group effort. In all cases, if you are not certain what is required, you need ot clarify with your instructor.