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Exhibit Spaces in the Library

The Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons primarily supports two exhibit spaces on campus, the Guarracino Family Gallery and the CEIS Showcase. 

There are smaller exhibit spaces available as needed within Douglas D. Schumann Library. These spaces (Red Gallery and Gray Gallery) are primarily used for poster showcases, with a possible accompanying book display.  

The Guarracino Family Gallery is located at the entrance to Douglas D. Schumann Library and measures 20’6”x12’.

Features of the Guarracino Family Gallery include three digital display monitors, space for pedestals (23”x23”x42” each), and a glass wall that provides access to the exhibit from the exterior of the Library.

Exhibits in the Guarracino Family Gallery have included class showcases, solo projects, short film screenings, art displays, and more.

The CEIS Showcase is located on the first floor of the Center of Engineering, Innovation, and the Sciences (CEIS), on the southwest side of the building.

The CEIS Showcase measures 48’6”x4’, with a 10’ ceiling.

Features of the CEIS Showcase include a full glass enclosure for 360 viewing, hanging wires, adjustable lighting and electrical outlets in the scaffolding above. In the past, the Department of Technology Services has collaborated with exhibitors to provide monitors for digital displays in this space.

Exhibits in the CEIS Showcase have included co-op projects, faculty research, group projects, and more.

The Red Gallery is located on the main floor of Douglas D. Schumann Library, in the Bill & Jean Whelan Café and Reading Lounge.  

Features of the Red Gallery include shelving for displaying three-dimensional materials and books and a fabric-covered wall for stapling or pinning two-dimensional materials. There is recessed lighting above the wall to showcase any items displayed.  

The Gray Gallery is located on the main floor of Douglas D. Schumann Library, in the JM Electrical Company, Inc. Information & Idea Hub.

Features of the Gray Gallery include fabric-covered panels for stapling or pinning two-dimensional objects. There is also a bar at the top of the wall for hanging wires. There is space available at the left of the wall for one pedestal, if needed.   

While exhibition spaces are in protected areas, the Library cannot assume responsibility for the loss of or damage to exhibited materials. All items placed in the Library are at the owner’s risk.

Exhibitors are responsible for installing and uninstalling work, supplying marketing materials, and coordinating collaborations with third parties (for example, Department of Technology Services or Sodexo). The Library is happy to assist with installation/deinstallation and disseminating marketing materials on campus and beyond.

Please ask about supplemental spaces that can also be used for exhibits. Spaces not typically designated for exhibits may be considered for temporary exhibits. The Café area near the Guarracino Gallery is available for opening receptions or other activities (workshops, talks, demonstrations) linked to exhibits. Any events related to an exhibit are the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor.

innovative dwellings exhibit flyer

Innovative Dwellings presented at the Guarracino Family Gallery in Fall 2019 by the Arch 2000 course led by studio faculty Ignacio Cardona, Daniel Daou, Meliti Dikeos, Luis Flores, Juan Pablo Ugarte, Lora Kim, Michelle Hobbs, Margarita Iglesia, and Sam Maddox.

pressig exhibit flyer

The Graphic Universe of Vojtěch Preissig presented at the CEIS Showcase Exhibit from 2020 is the result of a collaboration between the Industrial Design Program and the staff of the Schumann Library. 

The Gate of Success, created by Jiazhun Wu in 2022 as part of his Technology Sandbox summer co-op.