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Propose an Exhibit

Anyone in the Wentworth community can propose an exhibit. Please submit your proposal using the Library Exhibit Proposal Form at least one month prior to your intended exhibit dates in order for your exhibit to be considered.  

If you have questions about something not covered in these guidelines, please contact

Exhibits Policy

Exhibitors are responsible for the handling and installation of all work, as well as planning events related to the exhibit. The Library is not responsible for damage or theft, and exhibitors are encouraged to insure their work accordingly.

Selection Criteria

Exhibits will be considered on individual merit and all submissions are encouraged. Exhibitions proposed by individuals or groups not affiliated with Wentworth will be considered, based on content and availability of exhibit space. Appealing factors in a proposal may include: 

  • Reflects originality, artistic expression and/or experimentation 

  • Stimulates interdisciplinary, innovative, and entrepreneurial thinking 

  • Provides an opportunity to highlight the diversity of Wentworth 

  • Relates to other events in the community and our world 

The Library subscribes to the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights as it applies to exhibit spaces and bulletin boards; we support academic freedom and the free expression of opinion and ideas.   

many people gathered around an exhibit

“Operation Negus,” presented by Crowns in 2022 at the Guarraccino Exhibit Space