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National Library Week


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National Library Week Archival Exhibit


(Banner for First National Library Week in 1958)

National Library Week was born due to a collaborative committee formed by the American Library Association and American Book Publishers called the National Book committee in 1954. With increasing availability of television and radio in the home, both parties were concerned about a decrease in library usage and book sales. The committee aimed to encourage people to read during their increasing leisure time, to promote family bonding through trips to the library and shared reading projects, and even to promote social justice ideals such as open access to education and increased access to health care. In 1958 the first sponsored National Library Week was celebrated with the theme "Wake Up and Read!" and has been celebrated every year since with a different theme. Today, National Library Week is celebrated in public, private, academic, school, and research libraries all across the country!

National Library Week 2022


This year's theme for National Library Week is "Connect with Your Library!" To us at the Schumann that means not only showcasing our technology services, but also connecting more personally with students after two long years of COVID restrictions and policies. Throughout the week please stop by and ask us about our services, tell us what you're working on, and see all the things we have to offer you!