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ENGL 0900: English Language Skills

Find Articles, Books, and Videos

Advanced Search

Search for books, articles, and videos simultaneously. Use the limiters on your results page to further refine your search.

Accessing Databases from Off-Campus

Off-campus users will be asked to provide their WIT email user name and password once a database is selected. On-campus users are automatically authenticated.

Search Strategies

Identify search terms you can use when searching for books, articles, and reference resources. For your argumentative essay, search for materials that will strengthen your case, but be aware of counter-arguments that could weaken it.

Some possible pro or con argument topics:

  • Gun control OR Gun safety 
  • Teenage voting
  • Marijuana legalization
  • DACA or the "Dream Act"

For each topic, you should try searching with more than one search topic. If you chose to write about gun control or gun safety, you might try a combination of these alternate search terms:

  • Second Amendment
  • National Rifle Association (NRA)
  • Mass shootings

Use quotation marks around specific phrases that you want to specify in your search, such as "Fenway Park".

Use Boolean searching depending on whether you need to narrow, expand, or combine your search terms.

Example of Boolean searches for AND, OR, NOT: