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Accessibility Resources for WIT Faculty and Students

A guide to web accessibility for users and creators.

Accessible Audio, Video and Images

For non-text based content, such as audio recordings, video, and images, the standard accessibility feature is either a text add-on or a text alternative. This means using the following:

  • captions for video 
  • transcripts for audio 
  • appropriately descriptive, alternative text for images 

This page points you to some resources that will guide you through the process of adding this text component to your audio, video, and image content. 


Getting Started

Good places to start are: LinkedIn Learning's video training series on video accessibility, and WebAIM's user guides on how to create captions, transcripts, and audio descriptions for video.

Accessible Live Streaming Options

Need to make your conference call or video live stream accessible to more users?

YouTube Captions Help

Image Alternative Text