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Not Sure Where Something Goes?

If you're not sure where an item belongs in the Library or in the pre-shelving area, just ask a librarian! We're here to help and guide you.

Dewey & Shelving

"Every call number begins with three numbers, followed by various letters and/or number combinations. The numbers correspond to subject areas.

There are ten major subject groupings. Each of these is then divided and subdivided into more specific disciplines. For example,

000-099 Computers, information & general reference 
100-199 Philosophy & psychology
200-299 Religion
300-399 Social sciences

370 Education
371 School management; special education 
372 Elementary education 
373 Secondary education 
374 Adult education 
375 Curriculums 
376 Education of women 
377 Schools & religion 
378 Higher education 

400-499 Language 
500-599 Science 
600-699 Technology
700-799 Arts & recreation 
800-899 Literature
900-999 History & geography

Read the call numbers line by line, for example, the call number for the book Future Thinking by Ann Sturgess is:

370.152 Identifies that this book belongs to the category of education.
STU Based on the last name of the author, Sturgess

To find this book:

  • Find the section where the call numbers begin 370 (this number is read as a whole number). Treat the rest as a decimal, e.g. 370.152 would come between 370.15 and 370.16.
  • Within this section, work alphabetically to find S. Sometimes there are numbers after the letter. If this is the case, read these numbers as decimals."

"Tutorial: Call Numbers." University of Canterbury Library. 27 February 2017.

When books are retrieved from the book bin or returned by a patron, discharge the book in Voyager and then place it in call number order on the appropriately labeled shelf next to our Permanent Reserves collection.

We use the following shelves for our items:

  • Dewey Returns
  • Temporary Location (Temp. Loc.)
  • ILL/ComCat Holds
  • WIT/FLO Holds
  • ILL/ComCat/FLO Returns
  • Fiction Returns
  • Reference Returns
  • DVD Returns
  • Architecture Thesis Returns
  • Periodicals Returns
  • Course Reserves (Dewey, Fiction, DVD)

Most books will be placed on the shelf reading "Dewey Returns." Check the back cover or page of the book to make sure it has an RFID tag (a small white square-shaped sticker). Other items are separated based on whether they are DVDs, Periodicals, or Fiction/Reference/Theses.

When it's time to shelve materials, bring the materials to the back offices (using a book cart, if necessary) to the computer station closest to the kitchen. There will be a black RFID pad next to the computer.  Log in to the computer using the Circulation Desk login credentials (username: circdesk). Open the RFID software and set it to "Check-In." Open Voyager and click "Discharge."  Place the materials on the pad and you will see the corresponding titles and number of items display in both Voyager and the 3M software (see image below).

Tip: You can place multiple items on the RFID pad at once.













Once all items have been sensitized, locate a staff member to escort you up the back elevator to the stacks.

Please keep in mind that materials are located in different areas. Most of our collection is located in the stacks upstairs. Fiction/Reference/Theses and DVDs are shelved downstairs on the 2nd floor.

To use our compact shelves, press the green arrows on the row you wish to access.  Sometimes the lights may flash red, just above the "STOP" button. If so, a patron may be in an area in which the shelves would need to be moved. However, this is not always the case. Check to see if anyone or anything is in the area in which the shelves need to be moved. If not, simply press the red "STOP" button. Now you should be able to press the green buttons in order to access the desired shelf.

In the event that there are no obstructions in the aisles and the shelves do not move, alert a staff member.

To override shelves that will not move, there is a battery pack located in the "Tech Sandbox" closet. Unplug the battery and take it to the shelf you wish to move. Plug the cord into the shelf, just below the red STOP button, and hold down the appropriate green arrow button on the shelf to move it. ​Be sure that there is nothing and no one in the aisle as you move the shelf.

If there are any problems with our compact shelving system, please contact:

Brian Funnell, Service Manager
Donnegan Systems, Inc.
170 Bartlett Street
Northborough, MA 01532
800-222-6311 ext. 233