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Simple Steps to Charge

  1. Click Charge.
  2. Scan the patron ID.
  3. Scan the item.
  4. Stamp the due date.
  5. De-Sensitize the item.

Simple Steps to Discharge

  1. Click Discharge.
  2. Scan the item(s).
  3. Place in pre-shelving.

How to...

Charging items
  • To charge (check-out) and item, click the “charge” button. Scan the patron’s barcode on their student or faculty/staff ID (if a patron does not have their ID, click the ellipses next to "barcode" to look them up by first/last name or W number).
    • Scan the barcode on the item (sometimes located on the front cover or inside the back cover of books).
  • For books, stamp the card at the back of the book with the due date. Please let the patron know when the item(s) are due.
  • To de-sensitize the items (so the gate alarms at the Library entrances do not go off), open the 3M Pad Workstation.
    • Click the tap reading "Operation" in the upper-left portion
      of the application and select "Un-secure Only" from the drop down list.
    • Place the item(s) on the black 3M pad to de-sensitize the items.


Discharging items
  • To discharge (check-in) and item, click the discharge button and scan the item’s barcode (note: you do not need to scan
    the patron’s ID).
  • After discharging the item, place it in the proper pre-shelving location behind the Library Services Desk.


To see all items on Reserve, click the “Reserve” icon.

  • In the “list name” field, type “wit” to see the full list of professors.
  • Click “OK” to see the items on Reserve.
  • Locate item via the call number listed if necessary.

To search for an individual professor, type “wit-ProfessorLastName” (e.g. “wit-Lange”) under “list name.”

  • Click “OK” to see the items on Reserve.

To search for items in Permanent Reserves, type “wit-Perm” in the “list name” field.

To place an item on Hold:

  • Click "Item" at the top of Voyager.
  • Scan the item barcode or search for the item by title or call number.
  • Click the red book icon with the blue + sign (a dialog box reading "Place Request" will show if the mouse is hovered over the icon).
  • Under "Patron Information" at the top of the new screen, click the ellipses to search for the patron by W number or name.
  • The "Request Type" should default to "Hold." Make sure that the bullet next to "Hold" is selected.
  • On the right side of the box, click the drop-down box next to "For Items At:" and select "Wentworth Inst. of Tech."
  • Make sure the "Pickup At:" location is WIT Circ Desk.
  • Click "OK."
  • Note the expiration date on the bottom-right of the screen. Write the patron's name and the expiration date of the book on a WIT/FLO hold slip (located by the mailboxes in the back). Place the slip in the book and place the book on the "WIT/FLO Holds" shelf behind the Library Services Desk.


To look up an item:

  • Click the "Item" box in Voyager.  
  • Click the ellipses to change search criteria.

If looking up an item for a patron, it may be easier to use the FLO website:

  • Go to:
  • Use the appropriate search criteria to find the desired item (may be easier to use "Title" or "Author" search.
  • On the right side of the page, click "Wentworth" to limit the items located only here in the Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons.

You may also use the Library's website to look up an item:

  • Go to:
  • Enter the search criteria.
  • On the left side of the page, under "Location," click "Wentworth Library" to see all physical copies of materials that the Library owns. You can also use other limiters in the left-hand column to further narrow your search.

To add items to an existing Reserve list:

  • Click the "Reserve" box at the top of Voyager.
  • In the "list name" search field, type "wit" to pull up a list of Reserves. They will be listed by the professor's name and course name (e.g. WIT-Borst-ARCH3800, Building Community) or by WIT-Permanent Reserve for our general Reserves.
  • Select the Reserve list and click "OK."
  • Click the Reserve tab at the top of Voyager (above the Reserve "box" that highlights when the mouse is placed over it), select "Items," and then select "Add by Barcode..."
  • Either scan the item or type in the barcode to add the item to the Reserve list.
  • Once the item appears in the Reserve list, be sure to right-click the new item and select "On Reserve."

To create a new Reserve list:

  • Click the "Reserve" box at the top of Voyager. Click "Cancel" to close the Reserve List Search.
  • Click the "Reserve" tab at the top of Voyager and select "Create New List..."
  • Fill in all fields as designated by the Reserve request form or by the Professor.
    • List Name: e.g. WIT-Gordon-HUMN4053, MCCS Studio.
    • Effective: the duration of the semester.
    • Reserve Location: Wit Circ Desk.
    • Reserve Item Type: BookCirc.
  • Click "OK."  Click the "Reserve" tab at the top, "Courses," then "Link Courses..."
  • Fill in all fields as designated:
    • Department: e.g. WITHUMN.
    • Instructor: e.g. WIT-Gordon.
    • Course: e.g. HUMN4053, MCCS Studio (Click the + sign to add a new course if it hasn't already been created).
  • Click "Link."
  • Add items by barcode.  Be sure to right-click the items and select "On Reserve."