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Something Wrong?

If you made a mistake with one of your clock-in attempts or something doesn't seem right, please e-mail or come talk to a supervisor.

How to...

Please clock in at the beginning of your shift and out at the end of your shift using one of the two computers at the Circulation desk. You will be unable to clock in and out from any other devices.

  • Log in with your WIT e-mail and the password you set up for ADP.

  • Click the “Clock In” button at the top left of the page once at the beginning and once at end of your shift. Please do not clock-in until you arrive at the Library for your shift and begin working. Click the button again to clock out.

We expect you all to be present for your shifts from the beginning of the semester to the end of the semester. However, we do realize and understand that you may become ill during the semester or you may have a family emergency. In such a case, please use the directions below to drop your work shift.

To drop a shift:

  • Email us at letting us know the date, day, and time of the shift you are not able to make. Please let us know why you aren't able to come in on that day.

To pick up a shift:

  • Every semester, we will share an Outlook calendar with student workers detailing everyone's schedule. We will have shifts labeled as "OPEN SHIFT" that will be in a different color from the rest of the shifts. Please email us at indicating the date, day, and time of the shift you would like to pick up. Someone will follow up with you to confirm that you have picked up the shift and the Outlook calendar will be updated to reflect the shift you have picked up.