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PSYC 4552: Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Scholarly vs. Popular Sources

Please check with you instructor to find out what qualifies as a "scholarly resource" for your thesis.

Criteria for Evaluating Information on the Web


      An authoritative source makes clear:
  • Who is responsible for page’s content
  • Author’s qualifications
  • Identification of parent organization
  • Parent organization’s qualifications


      An accurate source presents information that:
  • Is detailed and comprehensive
  • Is recent, where appropriate
  • Lists sources for presented materials
  • Has links to reputable outside sources


      A Web site with currency indicates:
  • Date the page was written
  • Date the page was posted on the Web
  • Date the page was last revised


      An objective source:
  • Presents information with a minimum of bias
  • Is fair, balanced, and reasonable
  • Is without conflict of interest