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Book Banning in Libraries


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How to Fight Book Bans

Book challenges are often started by a vocal minority, attempting to target individual books or books that belong to larger themes. The best way to combat book challenges is to be just as vocal in your support of anti-censorship within your community. Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Support your local Library
    • Beyond simply checking out materials, be involved in your local library programing and stay up to date on library news. This is the best way to hear about book challenges in your community so that you can lend your voice to anti-censorship arguments.
  • Contact Decision Makers- Local School Boards, Political Representatives, etc.
    • Public input is very important for school and library board members, trustees, and state legislators. In almost all localities, these are elected positions and many local elected officials serve in either 2- or 4-year terms. These elected officials, therefore, take the views of residents and voters seriously, and seek to represent the voices of their community.
  • Participate in Banned Book Week Programing
    • ​​​​​​​In October of each year, school and public libraries organize Banned Book week events to encourage discussion about book banning and what it's really targeting. Events include things like reading challenges, author talks, book displays, panels with local officials, and other events all designed to engage public interest in anti-censorship. 
  • Most importantly... READ!
    • ​​​​​​​Read banned books! The best way to see what the fuss is about... is to literally see what the fuss is about!

Book Banning in Massachusetts

Here are some organizations dedicated to fighting book challenges and bans.

Check out their resources!

Unite Against Book Bans Organization

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