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Library Technology

Where are the KIC Scanners?

You can find the KIC Scanners on the Mezzanine across from the Mezzanine entrance.

Did You Know?

We also have two flatbed scanners, located behind the stairs on the second floor and by the Cafe area.

KIC Scanners

What is the maximum document size the scanner can capture?

The KIC scanner captures two separate images, one for each side of the bed.
Any document that spans the blue center line will be split across two images.
The maximum document size that can be captured on one side of the bed is 11 x 15.5 inches. This is about 1/4 inch inside the blue boundary line.

Why did part of my document get cut off?

  • The KIC scanner is optimized for text capture. It tries to exclude parts of the document that don't contain text.
  • The KIC scanner tries to automatically crop the scan to only contain the document the user is scanning. If the document contains dark areas at the edges the scanner may misinterpret these as part of the bed and crop them out.
  • Try increasing or decreasing the brightness or contrast to retain other parts of your document that are getting cut off.
  • Alternatively, use the flatbed scanners.

How can I save my scan?
There are several ways that scans can be saved:

  • ​Send their scans to yourself via email
  • Save scans to a thumb drive
  • Download their scans to a wi-fi enabled device by connecting to the KIC scanners' wi-fi networks and following the instructions on the scanner.
  • The KIC scanners have a feature to save scans to google drive, but due to a recent update to Google's API this feature is not currently working and has been removed from our KIC scanners' interface.
  • As of 10/2015 we have been told that the vendor is aware of the issue and is working on a software update.

What is book mode? 
Book mode is a feature which attempts to compensate for the curvature the pages on a tightly bound book. It is intended for text only, and may produce poor results if used when scanning images or images plus text. 

Email Addresses

The KIC scanners have their own email addresses ( via which they send email.

Instruction manuals and software

Calibration sheets and manuals are in file cabinet in Library Administrative Services Coordinator's office.


There is configuration software installed on each computer which allows us to configure default settings and to enable and disable some options.


If the scanners are frozen or otherwise not working, try turning the KIC scanners off and back on using the power switch in the back. They will startup and login to KIC software automatically.

To access windows desktop:

  • Plug keyboard into USB port on front.
  • use Alt-F4 to exit from scanning interface to windows desktop.

Support Contact Information
Phone: 561-995-6939 (Service Dept. Switchboard)
Toll Free: 800-378-5432