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Library Technology

Where is the Program Room?

The Program Room is the room at the very top of the stairs leading up to the Mezzanine. You'll be asked this question a lot.

Using the Program Room

To display your laptop to the large stationary monitor wirelessly:

  • Use the control panel next to the monitor and select "We Present."
  • Download MirrorOp to your Mac or PC.
  • Open the software once installed and enter the appropriate IP address (displayed in the top left of the monitor) and then the 4-digit code (displayed in the top right of the monitor).
  • NOTE: If you will be using Skype, watching a YouTube video, or using anything that provides a live feed, WePresent will cause the feed to lag. For best results, use physical connections (see below) and not WePresent.

To display your laptop to the large stationary monitor using cables:

  • Connect the appropriate cable from your laptop to the wall ports just under the monitor.

To use the mobile monitors:

  • Make sure each mobile monitor is connected via their own respective ethernet cables (the large, metal-coated cables) to the floor panels.
  • Make sure power cables are plugged into the wall.
  • Use the control panel on the wall to the right of the large stationary monitor to turn on each side monitor.
  • You can also plug your laptop directly into each mobile monitor to display your laptop screen.

To book the Program Room, please contact Malissa Redmond at