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Library Technology

How to Use

The Toshiba printers can copy, scan (to email or OneDrive), and print.  Available paper sizes include 8 1/2" x 11" and 11" x 17".  Documents can be printed single or double-sided (as default) and collated.

To use, begin by tapping the Wentworth ID card against the copier's card reader, which is located on the front of the machine and to the left of the screen.  Note that all printing and copying tasks will result in the deduction of the appropriate funds from the user's PaperCut account (5 cents for one black & white page, 10 cents for one color page).

Users will be logged out automatically after 15 seconds of idle activity or can press the logout button to the right of the screen (picture of a key with a person).

To Find & Install Drivers on PC:

  • Open the Windows Start Menu​.
  • ​Using the ​Run command, type \\
  • ​A list of printers with their respective drivers will appear, double click on "Wentworth Follow Me Printing B&W" and then on "Wentworth Follow Me Printing Color" to install drivers for both black & white and color queues (select the appropriate queue when printing for desired color setting).
  • Download and install Casper Self-Service by going to
    ​(sometimes the page will need to be refreshed multiple times for it to load).
    • Login using Wentworth Credentials.
    • Click Download.
    • Navigate to ​Downloads​ folder and double-click QuickAdd.pkg​ file.
    • If you receive an unidentified developer popup, you will need to click OK and open up your System Preferences and select ​Security.  There should be an ​Open Anyway option under the General Tab under the Allow apps downloaded from: ​section.
    • Click ​Continue and Continue ​again.
    • Select the location to install, click Continue and Install​.
    • Enter your ​MacBook credentials​ and let the application run.
    • ​The Self-Service window will open once installation is complete.  Enter your Wentworth Credentials.
  • Select printers from the categories menu in Self Service.
  • Find and install Wentworth Follow Me ​(if you encounter an issue with downloading the driver, you may need to restart your MacBook​).

Queues for PCs: Wentworth Follow Me Printing B&W, Wentworth Follow Me Printing Color

Queue for Mac: Wentworth Follow Me Printing

Queue for using the Plotter: Library-PageWide4600 for floor plans and Architecture prints; Libraryz6810 for poster prints

Additional funds for printing can be added via FenwayCash.

Printing from a USB drive plugged directly into the copiers is not allowed because it would bypass the quota system.

For additional information, see

After tapping your card, choose Copy from the grid of options. Configure your copy job as necessary and press Start. Advanced Copy features are available by pressing the Copy Mode button.

The page or pages to be copied can either be placed on the flat bad scanner or in the slot on the top of the printer.

After tapping your card, choose Scan from the grid of options. This will activate Drivve Image, the application that facilitates scanning. Drivve Image's main screen includes two options:

  1. OneDrive: ​Tap this button to scan directly to the logged in user's OneDrive account. The resultant files will be available in a Scans folder in the very top level of the OneDrive Account. If that folder doesn't exist, it will be created automatically during the scanning process.
  2. Scan to My Email:​ Tap this button to email the resulting files to the logged in user. The subject of the message will be "Scan from Library Copier." The From address will be the logged in user's email address.

After selecting the desired functionality, the user is prompted for their password. This is the same password used to log into a computer or an email account. After authenticating, choose the appropriate scan settings, place the source documents on the platen, and tap Scan.

  • Q: Why doesn't my ID work when I try to tap in to access my print jobs?
    A: Click the gear icon and select "I Don't Have an ID."  Enter the desired WIT username and password ( is not necessary). Click the Home button for usual print options. You may need to check with DTS if your ID is not working. If the ID is not the issue and the problem persists with multiple students, click the Power button on the printer to Restart it.
  • Q: When does my printing money show up on my card/account?
    ​A: Printing money will show up when the add/drop period ends.
  • Q: Why is my job on the Mac not showing up in my pending jobs on the printer when I tap my ID?
    ​A: Make sure you are also logged in to Self Service with your WIT username/password (Macs will default to your Mac username/password). Be sure to save the correct information into the Keychain.
  • Q: How do I print Black & White from a Mac?
    ​A: You must select "grayscale" or "monochrome" under Color Options.
  • Q: How do I change the print settings for my document?
    ​A: You need to select the settings in the program on your computer before you send the job to print.
  • Q: How can I receive a print refund?
    ​A: Sign in to and select "Recent Print Jobs" from the left side bar. Find the job printed in error and, under Status, click "request refund."
  • Q: Where can I go for help with printing issues?
    ​A: Tech Spot is stationed at the far end of the Library Services Desk on the 2nd floor and/or at the Mezzanine Service Desk.
  • ​Q: Where can I go for help with other technology issues?
    ​A: The DTS Help Desk is located on the 3rd floor.
  • Q: How do I print from the guest login account?
    ​A: Tap the gear icon and select "I Don't Have an ID." Enter the guest account's username and password. Tap the home button and print options will be made available as usual.

Mac Troubleshooting for Printing

Mac users may experience problems printing once the drivers have been installed to their laptop.

If a job is sent to be printed but does not print:

  • ​Check the printer icon on the Mac toolbar to see if it is "bouncing" or displays a red circle by it. Click on it to see the print queue.
  • When you see the item that has been selected to be sent but isn't printing, click the Refresh button next to the job (a circular arrow).
  • From there, enter your Wentworth Credentials (the same ones used for LConnect and e-mail, ​NOT the Mac login credentials​). Be sure to check the box to "Remember in Keychain" so this step does not have to be repeated every time a job does not go through.

Sometimes a file sent to the printer from Illustrator or a similar software will not be sent to the printer or may print incorrectly because the file size is too large. Either reduce the file size or export the file as a .jpg or a similar extension.

Printing from phone

To print from an iPhone, click here.

To print from an Android, click here.