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Library Technology

Printing Tips

  • The plotter in the nook (Z6200) is better suited for ink-heavy prints. Please direct patrons to use that plotter if their documents will be using a lot of ink.
  • You may have better success accessing the Arch D paper type if you convert your Word document to a .pdf
  • You cannot print from a flash drive/USB.
  • The file size may be too large if printing from Adobe Illustrator, In-Design, or PhotoShop. For best compatibility, export the file to a PDF and print from Adobe Reader.
  • Sometimes printing from Mac may take up to 15 minutes, which is unfortunately a normal operation.

Need Help?

Contact DTS at 617-989-4500 or e-mail them at


1) Add the plotters to the list of printers on your laptop.

The plotter driver is called Library-PageWide4600 for the plotter by the windows and Library-Z6810 for the plotter in the nook by the mezzanine entrance/exit.

Instructions for adding the Plotter drivers:

  1. Double click “Connect to Wentworth Printers” icon on desktop.
  2. OR hold the windows key to the left of the space bar and press “r”. Type \\ in the “Open” field that appears.
  3. Double click on “Library-PageWide4600” and again for "Library-Z6810" to install both drivers.  

2) Paper Specifications

  1. Maximum width is 36”.
  2. There is no maximum length (the paper is on a roll).
  3. Paper size: Arch D (you can only choose this option once you’ve chosen the plotter) under “printer properties.”

3) Printing

  1. The plotters are housed on the mezzanine level of the library.
  2. To release your print job(s), tap your WIT ID next to the monitor to the left of the plotter by the windows. Use the same release station for either plotter.

You can scan at a maximum size of 19 MB and images must be in PDF or JPEG only. To scan:

  1. From the screen on the Plotter itself, select “Scan.”
  2. Select destination (USB, e-mail, etc.).

Feed the print, image up, into the Plotter where the arrow is on the front of the Plotter.

Paper and toner can be found in the closet by Study Room 08 and can be unlocked with the Master Key (found in the lockbox).

To replace the paper on the PageWide4500 (the plotter closest to the study rooms), follow the instructions on the lip of the paper drawer.

To replace toner in the PageWide4500, follow the instructions on the digital screen on the Plotter itself:

  1. Select "Ink."
  2. Click on the cartridge that needs to be replaced (can be replaced when at 5% or lower).
  3. Follow instructions to replace the cartridge.
  4. Confirm replacement of cartridge on screen.


To replace the paper on the Z6200 plotter (in the nook), please use the paper labeled "HP Everday Instant-Dry Satin Photo Paper" in the closet.

  1. Lift up the small blue lever (located under the larger blue lever on the right).
  2. Pull out rod, right side first.
  3. Unlock and remove blue locking mechanism on the rod.
  4. Replace the old paper roll for the new one. Use guide on the locking mechanism for paper orientation.
  5. Place the rod back into the plotter, left side first, and close the small blue lever.
  6. Remove tape from the paper and check to see if paper is clean.
  7. Feed paper around the front of the roller above the paper and into the plotter.
  8. Open the front cover and lift the larger blue lever.
  9. Align right side of the paper with the blue arrows inside the plotter.
  10. Lower the blue lever and close the window. You may need to try this a few times.
  11. Select the paper type (should already be selected) and press "OK."

To see a video tutorial of the paper replacement, please see

To replace the toner in the Z6200 plotter, use the toner labeled "DesignJet771A" with the correct color.

  1. Make sure the ink you are replacing matches the color cartridge you are using as the replacement (check the letters and number in addition to the color...e.g. 771A).
  2. Pull the blue tab all the way out for the cartridge to be replaced.
  3. Change the cartridges out and push the new cartridge into the plotter.

The Plotter many jam when printing ink-heavy prints, as it is not designed to print ink-heavy products. For ink-heavy prints, please change the printing destination to the back of the Plotter as opposed to the top of the Plotter. You can change the print destination from the screen by:

  1. Select “Settings.”
  2. Select “Output Destination.”
  3. Select “Default Output.”
  4. Select “Basket” for prints to print to the back of the Plotter. Select “Top Stacker” to print from the top.