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Access Services

Everything you need to know about working in access services and operations at the Circulation desk.

Fall 2020

Book/DVD Returns 

  • Place them on Quarantine Cart (NOT pre-shelving area; we will discharge items later) 



(Please note that we are not lending board games this semester) 

  • Peripherals check out  

  • Charge item to patron  

  • Write patron name and W# on a post-it and put post-it on the bag  

  • With newly disinfected hands or fresh gloves, remove clean item from the bag and hand it to the patron  

  • Tell patron that when they return the item, they should give it TO A HUMAN and show their ID, so we can properly associate the item with the bag and discharge it from their account; send them on their merry way  

  • Place bag (with post-it) on the Peripherals Checkout cart  

  • Peripherals check in  

  • Check patron ID to make sure we get the right bag off the Peripherals Checkout cart  

  • With newly disinfected hands or fresh gloves, wipe down item  

  • Place in bag  

  • Discharge item and reshelve (it will be clean inside the bag, ready for the next patron)  

  • Lists of what can and can’t be circulated; what needs to be quarantined vs. disinfected.  


Supplies (e.g. scissors, rulers, glue sticks, etc.) 

  • Students may borrow these items, but they must be placed in the Quarantine Bowl upon return 



  • Direct students to Course Reserve lookup for all electronic Course Reserves. 

  • Do not circulate physical reserves. 


Being a Greeter 

  • Confirm they have a reservation 

  • Help people find their spot (check in, check out) 

  • Ask them to take a wipe and explain cleaning before and after, and respecting the reservation timeslot 

  • Remind no food/drink; must keep mask on 


Traffic Flow 

  • Students enter through the main entrance and exit through Tansey 


Museum Passes



  • Everyone must wear a mask at all times 

  • No food or drink 

  • Browsing appointments 

  • Plotter appointments 

  • Contact Free Access 

  • Study rooms (only bookable via seat reservation system this semester) 


When opening the Library:

  • ​Use your WIT ID to unlock the front doors.
    • The panel should be red. Tap the ID once and it will blink rapidly from red to green. Tap the ID a second time and the panel should only be green and the doors should be unlocked.
  • Use your WIT ID to unlock the Mezzanine door.
  • Use the circular elevator key, currently located on Patrick's desk, to unlock the Mezzanine from inside the elevator.
    • Insert the key next to "M" in the elevator and turn clock-wise to unlock it.
  • Unlock the doors to the Terrace.
    • F2B1 keys will open the the two doors to the Terrace from the Cafe. Once the door is open, an allen wrench must be inserted into the keyhole next to the push-bar. While the push-bar is depressed, turn the allen wrench until the bar stays depressed against the door. Then, unlock the other door using the same method. An allen wrench can be found on the keychain with the elevator key, which is on a hook at Patrick's desk.
    • Generally, the Terrace is only open from March to November each year (and closed from around Thanksgiving through the end of Spring Break, although Library staff may open The terrace when weather permits).
  • Replace the task sheet at the Circulation Desk. All task sheets are in a labeled folder in the bottom-left drawer at Circulation.

There are a number of aspects to keep in mind in regards to closing the Library:

  • ​Make sure student workers have completed the sweeps on both the Mezzanine and Second Floor of the Library. While conducting sweeps, student workers must make sure that all chairs are pushed under, tables are not "crooked," trash is picked up, and all study rooms are orderly (be sure to put the cords in the table back into the recesses).
  • Make sure the Program Room is "reset." Usually, we set the room up with 4 rows of tables facing the front of the room as a "traditional classroom setting." Two tables are usually set off to the side, on the far side of the room (the right once entering) facing the windows on the opposite wall.
  • All students and student workers MUST leave the Library prior to the time we close. Student workers should be conducting a 20-minute warning per the student task sheet in addition to a 5-minute warning. 
  • Locking the doors:
    • About 20-30 minutes prior to the closing hour, lock the elevator and the door leading to the Mezzanine. The elevator key is located on a blue stretch band. Once opening the elevator, insert the elevator key next to the "M" button in the elevator and turn the key counter clock-wise. If you are unsure if the elevator is locked or not, press the "M" button. If it lights up briefly and goes out, then the elevator to the Mezzanine is "locked."
    • The door leading to the Mezzanine can be locked by tapping your Staff ID to the black panel. Tap the panel once, wait a couple of seconds, and tap the ID again to lock the door. The light on the panel should turn red (as opposed to flashing between green and red) and you will hear the door locking. Patrons can still exit through the door, however, they cannot enter the space.
    • Lock the doors to the Terrace. Open the doors and insert an allen wrench into the key-hole next to the push-bar. Turn the allen wrench and the push-bar should "pop out" and no longer be depressed against the door. Do the same for the other door. An allen wrench can be found on the keychain with the elevator key, which is on a hook at Patrick's desk.
      • Generally, the Terrace is only open from March to November each year (and closed from around Thanksgiving through the end of Spring Break, although Library staff may open The terrace when weather permits).
    • Check to make sure the door to the Tech Sandbox is closed and locked.
    • Once everyone is out of the Library, lock the front doors to the Library. The double-doors may need to be held shut due to the "wind tunnel" (e.g. press your foot up to the crack between the two doors to hold them in place), and double-tap the black panel to lock the doors. Check to make sure the doors are staying shut. Sometimes one may open. Just close the door again and make sure it locks onto the magnet. Sometimes after you double-tap your ID, you may need to hold the doors shut for about 10 seconds before the lock activates. You will feel the doors latch to the magnets and hear the lock engage.