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Research and Writing Review Journal

About the Journal

The goal of WIT RaWR, Research and Writing Review, is to provide students at Wentworth Institute of Technology opportunities to publish and disseminate scholarly work. In publishing this work, this journal seeks to recognize exemplary scholarship through the promotion of academic professionalism as carried out through the formal submission, review, and revision process of a peer-reviewed journal. 

This journal also seeks to promote advanced research and writing skills. Through the submission and peer-review process, submission authors learn how to situate their work in their fields of expertise while refining their ability to effectively communicate this expertise to public audiences. As a student-run journal, this journal also fosters collaboration and leadership skills. As a journal that publishes work from multiple disciplines and fields, the editor-in-chief(s) together with the editorial board, work together in the review and publication process to provide professional feedback on writing and revision.