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Many of the Schumann Library's resources are available online, 24/7. However, access to most of the databases, electronic journals, and e-books is restricted to WIT students, faculty, and staff.

How can I access library resources from off-campus?

Library Website

  • If you are starting from the Library's website, simply click on the resource you want and you should be prompted for your WIT network account credentials.

Proxy Bookmarklet

  • If you often do your research away from campus, you can install our off-campus proxy bookmarklet on your browser. The bookmarklet is a snippet of code saved in your browser's bookmarks that lets you start at a resource rather than the Library's website and then route the resource through our proxy service.

Right-click and copy the link address of the bookmarklet below. In your web browser's bookmark manager, add a new bookmark to the bookmarks bar and paste the code into the bookmark address field: 
Schumann Library Proxy Bookmarklet

  1. Connect directly to a library-subscribed resource from off-campus (e.g. type into your browser's location bar).
  2. Click the bookmarklet to route your request through our proxy server (you should see our proxy prefix prepended to the URL).
  • The bookmarklet only works for resources that the library owns or licenses.
  • If you are having trouble, try accessing the resource starting from the Library's website.