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Library Book Club

Library student book club guide


About Us

Run by the Schumann Library, this group welcomes any and all students to engage in some mindful relaxation during the term by reading and discussing a work of fiction. Sometimes in all the craziness of projects, homework, and co-ops, reading for pleasure goes completely out the window! Book club helps students commit to some literary-fiction self care by inviting them to engage with a book with their peers throughout the term. 

Meeting Information

The book club will read one book a term and meet near the end of term BEFORE finals craziness descends! To better accommodate student schedules, there will be an all day library event on the day of meeting where people can come in any time for book discussion or to pick up fun bookmarks and chat with librarians. There will be a general meeting that day where we discuss the book.

Summer Term Meeting: July 28th at 12:00

in the Library Program Room!

Book Information

We have a limited number of books available for students this term, thanks to a generous donation by the Dean of Student's Office. Books can be claimed on a first-come, first-serve basis.. If we have extra copies, they will be available for pickup at Schumann Library. If you still need to find a copy, there are many options available to you through WIT resources and the Boston Public Library! Please see the Finding books Tab above or our "Finding Books" resource page on this guide:

Don't hesitate to reach out to Abby Rose or Pia Romano with any questions about getting a copy of the book!