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Library and Online Learning Resources During a University Contingency

Course Reserves

Physical Course Reserves will not be accessible for Summer 2020. Please note that, due to COVID-19, the Library will only be able to provide electronic resources for your Course Reserves. If you need to identify alternative sources for your Course Reserves, please contact

  • For more information about Course Reserves, please click here.
  • To place electronic items on Course Reserve, please click here.

Tips for Instruction


How do I prepare my course materials? 

  • Identify what assignments, assessments and course materials you will use or modify. When considering how to convert your course, always keep the student learning outcomes in mind.  
  • Use Blackboard to organize your materials and provide students with clear expectations to be successful. 
  • Plan to have course materials ready and posted at least one week in advance.  

How do I keep my students engaged in the course?  
Here are some examples of curriculum activities to promote engagement in an online learning environment: 

  • Host live class meetings (using GoTo Meeting/Zoom) 
  • Provide topic and/or social driven discussions 
  • Use case studies and/or simulations 
  • Allow peer reviews  
  • Create self-assessment opportunities  
  • Use collaboration tools in the learning management system 
  • Explore supplemental resources such as TED Talks, articles, LinkedIn Learning, YouTube videos, podcasts, etc. 

What are some strategies for creating lectures/using videos? 

  • Keep it short: Short videos (10-15 minutes) are effective for student learning. Consider  
  • “chunking” lectures and presentations into smaller topics.  
  • Embed questions: Provide students with a list of questions they answer while watching your lecture videos. Make sure to pause during your lecture videos to give students time to respond to the questions and review the correct answers. 
  • Practice: Rehearse your presentation using the preferred recording platform (Zoom or GoTo Meeting). Take time to check audio settings and have documents/slides ready to share prior to recording or presenting your lecture during a live class session. 
  • Use Pre-existing videos: Explore other videos that exist on the subject you are teaching. This will save you time and allow you to leverage available resources. 

How do I teach my hands on/lab course online?  
Courses such that have a lab component or requires a more hands-on experience can be more challenging to translate into an online course. Here are some tools that can be helpful: 

  • Merlot has a variety of virtual labs that can be used for many different science subjects. 
  • Harvard’s LabXchange offers lab videos and simulations on many science subjects. 
  • Khan Academy offers lessons for many different subjects including math and science. 
  • Using your Wentworth credentials access LinkedIn Learning videos and lessons. 
  • MyLab includes a collection of online homework and content resources that can be adaptive to student’s learning (may require a specific access code with textbook). This includes labs for math subjects.

Tips to Interact with Students Online

  • Hold office hours remotely. Use Blackboard or email to communicate with student when you will be available to meet through GoToMeeting, Zoom or phone.
  • Make sure to communicate regularly with your students. You can communicate using the announcements and/or email tools using Blackboard. 
  • Let students know how quickly they should receive a response from you.  ​
  • Give detailed feedback. Receiving timely and detailed feedback will help students to know how well they’re doing in class and what they need to improve.   
  • Keep students engaged. Use the discussion boards; live video meetings (GoToMeeting or Zoom) and use Teams to do group work in real-time. 

Wentworth Resources

Wentworth Online Contact Information

If you need any assistance or have any questions regarding online learning and teaching at Wentworth, please contact the Wentworth online team at or 617-989-4941.