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Business & Management

A guide to Business & Management resources at Wentworth Institute of Technology


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Call Numbers in the Library

The Wentworth Alumni Library organizes its books via the Dewey Decimal system.  Each book is assigned a number that corresponds to its subject, and the numbers are put simply  in numerical order on the shelves.  The library collects thousands of books to support Wentworth's majors.

Some important number ranges in the areas of business and management are:

330-333.9 = Economics

650-651.1 = Personal success in business (including interviewing)

658-658.9 = General management

Within these range are many numbers tied to specific subjects (since a decimal numbering system is easily expandable).  For instance, the number 658.402 is for teams in the workplace and the number 658.404 is for project management.

Please contact a librarian if you need more information.

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