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Exhibits in the Library and CEIS: Information for Exhibitors

Exhibit Guidelines

The Guarracino Family Gallery in the Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons and the CEIS Showcase in the Center for Engineering, Innovation and Sciences provide wonderful spaces where Wentworth students, faculty and staff can publicly exhibit project work, art and scholarship. Exhibits also provide an excellent opportunity for faculty and students to partner with the Library to engage in collaborative projects.

This policy defines the philosophy and goals for exhibits and public art displays throughout the Library and the Center for Engineering, Innovation and Sciences. 

Past exhibits have included: a display of 3D-printed surrogates of archeological artifacts; models of working clock escapements; antique glass bottles; traditional Chinese timber framing models; and robots sketched by young children and rendered and printed by students. 

Exhibits will vary in length, but most exhibits run for 2-3 months; shorter exhibit times are also possible. Exhibits should have specific start and end dates, although the end date may be extended if the schedule allows.

The Exhibitor Toolkit describes the roles and responsibilities for exhibitors and provides tips and templates for a successful exhibit.

Goals of the Exhibit Program

The primary exhibit goal is to further the Institute’s educational mission by publicly displaying and celebrating the creativity and intellectual accomplishments of the Wentworth community. Other intentions are to:

  • Promote the role of the Library, its collections, resources, services, and staff as central to the teaching and research programs of the Institute.
  • Educate the university community on important issues or events.
  • Encourage individuals to contribute to the intellectual dialog on campus and beyond.
  • Support institute activities, events, programs, and symposia.
  • Recognize library supporters, friends, and donors.

Exhibit Selection Criteria

Exhibits will be considered on individual merit and all submissions are encouraged. Exhibits proposed by individuals or groups not affiliated with Wentworth will be considered, based on content and availability of exhibit space. Appealing factors in a proposal may include:

  • Reflects originality, artistic expression and/or experimentation.
  • Stimulates interdisciplinary, innovative, and entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Provides an opportunity to highlight the deep diversity of WIT.
  • Relates to other events in the community and our world.

Proposal Process

Successful exhibits are always the result of a team effort. Please follow these steps:

  1. Review Schumann Library Exhibit Guidelines.
  2. Complete Exhibit Proposal Form.
  3. The Library Exhibit Team will review all proposals and get back to you within 2 weeks.

Responsibilities of Exhibitors:

  • Review the Schumann Library exhibit guidelines.
  • Download the Exhibitor Toolkit and follow instructions.
  • Meet with the Exhibit Coordinator to go over the exhibit requirements and turnaround times.
  • Supply materials that can be used for publicity. 
  • Work together with library staff to install and de-install exhibit.
  • Coordinate collaborations with third parties directly and include Library Exhibit Team on all communications.

Exhibit Spaces

The Library subscribes to the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights as it applies to exhibit spaces and bulletin boards; we support academic freedom and the free expression of opinion and ideas. 

The main exhibit space in the Schumann Library is the Guarracino Family Gallery which includes:

  • Eight white pedestals, that are 23 inches long x 23 inches wide and 42 inches high. Pedestals can be moved, removed, or configured in a variety of ways.
  • Eight acrylic dust covers that can be placed over pedestals to protect work on display.
  • Three large-scale digital display screens, each measuring 23 inches by 42 inches.
  • The gallery space measures 9' x 17 '.

When possible, Library staff will coordinate a display of books from the Library’s collection topical to the exhibit.

The main exhibit space in the Center for Engineering, Innovation and Sciences is the CEIS Showcase which includes:

  • Eight white pedestals, that are 23 inches long x 23 inches wide and 42 inches high. Pedestals can be moved, removed, or configured in a variety of ways.
  • Eight acrylic dust covers that can be placed over pedestals to protect work on display.
  • The vitrine measurements are 4’ deep, 50’ long, and 11’6” high.

If you have special technology needs for your exhibit, please contact DTS directly and communicate details with the Library Exhibit Team.

Please ask about supplemental spaces that can also be used for exhibits.

The Red Gallery in the Schumann Library is often used for department displays or community events.

Spaces not typically designated for exhibits, such as the Reading Room, may be considered for temporary exhibits.

Receptions (if applicable)

  • High top tables in Library near the Guarracino Family Gallery are available for opening receptions.
  • The Atrium in the Center for Engineering, Innovation and Sciences is adjacent to the CEIS Showcase and available for opening receptions. The atrium is booked through School Dude.
  • It is generally the responsibility of the exhibit owner to take the lead for organizing receptions and to fund all costs.
  • Exhibitors must include the Library Exhibit Team on all communications about collaborations with third parties.


Exhibitors are generally responsible for funding all costs associated with the exhibit.


The  Guarracino Family Gallery is in a protected area -- however the Library cannot assume responsibility for the loss of or damage to exhibited materials. All items placed in the Library are at the owner’s risk.

The CEIS Showcase is in the lobby of an academic building that is often hosting campus-wide and community events. All items placed in the CEIS Showcase are at the owner's risk.


Every exhibit in the Guarracino Family Gallery or the CEIS Showcase must have at least one digital promotional slide. Exhibit details will be posted to the Schumann Library website, the WIT Calendar, and may also be featured on social media and other Wentworth communication vehicles.

Please notify the Library Exhibits Team if you would like to opt out of the library blog post or other social media initiatives.

Exhibitors are encouraged to conduct their own marketing as well.



We look forward to collaborating with you. 

"Let's Put on a Show!"

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