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Fall 2020: What to Expect: Home

Schumann Shortcuts

There's a lot of important information on this page about changes to the Library this semester.  If you want to learn about these changes in more detail, please do read on.  But if all you need is a quick-start guide to navigating the Library and our services this semester, here are some quick tips:

If you want to request an item, click here.  (More detail below at Contact-Free Access to the Collection)

If you want to come into the Library space, click here.  (More detail below at Access to the Library Space by Appointment Only)

If you're looking for quick tutorials about Library resources/services, visit our Channel to start streaming now.

If you don't know what you want and you need help, email us at

Access to the Library Space by Appointment Only


Massachusetts and CDC guidelines require that we strictly limit occupancy in the Library. To conform to these guidelines, and to support potential contact tracing efforts, Library users will be required to reserve a seat before they can enter the Library. Additionally, users can make appointments to browse the book stacks and to print from the Library plotters (for more information, see below).   

The Library Seat Reservation website allows students, faculty, and staff to search for and reserve a specific seat in the Library.  If you already know where you want to sit, check out Know Your Spot for quick links to seats in a specific area of the Library.


Contact-free access to the plotter will be by appointment only. Please visit this page to book an appointment for 30, 45, or 60 minutes, depending on the complexity of your file. A Library staff member will operate the plotter and work with you to make sure your file prints correctly.


The book stacks will be closed to general browsing, and in most cases, you can use the Contact-Free Access form to request items from the Library. In some cases, however, you may want to browse the book stacks. In such a case, you will need to fill out the Book Stacks Browsing Appointment Request form

Elevator Access to the Mezzanine

Access to the Library is restricted to the doors at the main entrance of the Library on Level 2 of Beatty Hall. If you require elevator access to the Mezzanine level, please visit the main entrance when you arrive, or contact to plan in advance.

Contact-Free Access to the Collection

The print book stacks will be closed to general browsing in the fall. As always, much of the Library’s collection is available online; however, if you find that there are physical items - such as print books, DVDs, or print journals - that you need to use, we have devised a plan to get you access to those items.  

  • Pickup 

    If you need a print book or DVD from the Library collection, we will be happy to package the item for you and arrange a time for you to come to the library to pick it up. Use the Request for Contact-Free Access to Library Materials form to request an item from the Library collection

    When your materials are ready, you will receive an email with instructions for booking a convenient time to come and pickup your item(s). 

  • e-Delivery

    In some cases, you may only need an article from a print journal or a chapter from a book, rather than the entire book. In such cases, you can also use the Request for Contact-Free Access to Library Materials form to submit the request. We will scan and email you a PDF of the article/chapter you requested.

Fall 2020 Course Reserves

Course reserves will be only in electronic/online format this semester; there will be no print reserves items.

Even though many of us may be returning to campus this fall, keeping Course Reserves online will allow all students to access the materials, regardless of the modality of their learning. An additional consideration is that in order to safely circulate physical books, they must be quarantined for up to 72 hours in between users. Due to the high demand of Course Reserve materials, offering only electronic copies of these items will increase student access to the materials. 

Course Reserves for Students

Course Reserves for Faculty

Quick How-To Videos

Need a quick tutorial on how to reserve your seat? Want to know how to access Library resources remotely? Check out the Schumann Shorts, our collection of quick how-to and informational videos from the Wentworth Librarians. Visit our Channel to start streaming now.

Reference and Instruction Services

Please visit the Reference Services page for more information.

Technology Sandbox

The Technology Sandbox will be operating a 3D printing service in the fall. Students, faculty, or staff who wish to print a 3D model will be able to upload the model to the Library website. Tech Sandbox staff will print the object and arrange a contact-free pickup time. Please visit the Technology Sandbox website for details.

Health and Safety in the Library

We expect all users of the Library to comply with Institutional, state, and CDC guidelines for health and safety at all times. Please note the following:  

  • Masks are required in the Library at all times.  
  • Please remember to socially distance from other people in the Library by maintaining at least 6 feet of distance between you and others whenever possible.  
  • To protect your own safety and the safety of others, please disinfect your space before and after you use it. Wipes and hand sanitizer will be provided. 
  • Library study space is at a premium this semester, so we ask that you adhere to the time limits of your Library Seats reservation. You may arrive a few minutes before your designated reservation time to disinfect the space prior to using it. When your reservation time slot is over, please pack up immediately, disinfect the area, and exit the Library.    
  • During the Fall of 2020, no food or drink is allowed in the Library. 

For more information on health and safety guidelines, as well as on Wentworth’s overall framework for our return to campus in the fall, please visit Wentworth’s Re-Entry website.

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