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Wentworth Institute of Technology Buildings

A brief history of Wentworth buildings.

Williston Hall

  • Built in 1910
  • Architects - Peabody and Stearns
  • Williston Hall currently houses administrative offices and the basic industries laboratory.
  • In the past Williston housed Air Force contracts, the pattern shop, the machine and welding shop, manufacturing processes labs, testing labs, the CAD computer lab, small scale government work and faculty offices.

Arthur Lyman Williston

Arthur Lyman Williston, an engineer and architect, was a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was appointed by the Board of Directors in 1910 as the first principal of Wentworth Institute for 14 years. As Wentworth's first principal, he provided constructive leadership, a superior faculty, and a vital curricula which reflected the demands of the community. In 1952 he received the James H. McGraw Award for outstanding contributions to technical institute education.