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Wentworth Institute of Technology Buildings

A brief history of Wentworth buildings.

Watson Hall

  • Built in 1927
  • Architects - Kilham, Hopkins, and Greeley
  • Watson Hall currently houses the counseling center, health services, the publications office, and an auditorium for Institute and public functions.
  • Formerly, Watson was used for classroom space, commencement exercises, student recreation and dining, and housed a diesel engine lab.
  • Watson Hall was originally named the Commons Building.

Paul Barron Watson

Paul Barron Watson graduated from Harvard College in 1881 and Harvard Law School in 1886. He was a Boston attorney and author. Among his best known works are Marcus Aurelius Antoninus and The Swedish Revolution Under Gustavus Vasa.

Watson was appointed as an original trustee of the Arioch Wentworth Fund in 1904. With money from this fund he established Wentworth Institute. Watson was Treasurer and Director of the Wentworth Institute Corporation from 1910 until his death in 1947.

Through his own understanding of men and finances, Watson structured an institution upon the original objectives of its founder.