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Wentworth Institute of Technology Buildings

A brief history of Wentworth buildings.

Kingman Hall


  • Built in 1945
  • Architects - Kilham, Hopkins, and Greely
  • Kingman Hall houses laboratories, service rooms, offices, and a lab used for the Team Hyperion Project.
  • Formerly, Kingman Hall was home to the Aeronautics Department, shops for metal finishing and aircraft accessory, engines, airframes, and sheet metal.
  • Kingman Hall was called the Aircraft Maintenance Building.

Edward D. Kingman

Edward D. Kingman was a graduate of Yale University and came to Wentworth in 1918 as an instructor in applied mechanics. He began his teaching career in the engineering sciences at the University of Wisconsin and Michigan State University.

He was an ambitious scholar as an engineer, painter, author, and librarian. This versatility was shown in his positions as Assistant Editor of McGraw Hill Publications, a charter member of the Newcomen Society, an exhibitor at the Copley Society and the Society of Contemporary Art in Boston, and a librarian.